Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Cupcakes

I love babies. Chubby cheeks, cute little hands and feet, wonderful smell, pretty curls.. I just love everything about them. And ever since I had my own, not only I'm in love with them, I also fell in love with making cute little things for them.

I found this delicious imported fabric whilst walking around in Singapore about a month ago. Since cupcakes are all the craze at the moment (and I do love them too! :o), I made my baby girl some baby items with the cupcakes printed fabric.

This is a refillable travel wipes case. You know, those wet wipes that are so useful when you have ever exploring little hands ? I use it to wipe everything (the germaphobic in me)! The pink ribbon going across will be used to personalise it (I plan to write her name on it with fabric paint).

This is how it looks when opened. It can be refilled with most brands of wipes (the folded ones).
I also made her some pretty little towels for her diaper bag. I usually use them to wipe her face after a long day out.

When going out, I carry a big diaper bag so both my children can share. I always had the problem of scrunched up diapers at the bottom of the bag and the ever elusive diaper cream. So I made a diaper case to put in the diapers, the wipes case and the diaper cream, all in one. No more rummaging through the diaper bag, problem solved!

When they no longer wear diapers, the case can be used to hold small activity books, crayons, pencils, anything to keep them occupied when on the road.

I hope you like them! I also made a set in butterfly prints and gave it to a friend with a newborn baby. I'll be posting a baby boy set too, so please come back soon.. :o)

Petals & Berries


Loves Desserts said...

I love these! esp the travel wipes case since I use reusable ones. Do you sell these items?

Petals and Berries said...

Hi Erin,

Yes, I do sell them if anyone wishes to purchase. E-mail me at petalsandberries@yahoo.com, tell me what you would like and I'll give you a quote. Thanks for visiting!

P.S* I took a peek at your blog and everything looks scrumptious! Wish you were closer :o(