Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful Lace: Part 2

Whenever I have something beautiful to work with I always find that I would be feeling restless until I can set aside some time to work on it (which includes applying some desperate measures to get my babies to sleep early :o)). This particular project was quite a challenge as I'm such an amateur when it comes to sewing. Armed with my best friend, the "unpicking tool" and a bucket load of patience, I spent a whole evening making a pattern and working on the project.. and the result.. (drumroll please..)

..a light pink lingerie/cosmetic travel bag with a front flap and a ribbon closure.. delicious! Actually, it could be a multi-purpose carry-all.. many different uses only limited by your imagination!

I was very pleased with the result that I made another one in aqua! Talk about being carried away!

I'm now in a quandary, I want to create more things with the lace but it's so precious, I do not want to use it all up (I'm such a hoarder!).. ooh, what do I do?.. well, I think I'll let it rest for now, till next time..

Petals & Berries


Hafiza said...

Hi! Han forwarded us your blog and I am so glad she did. Everything is soooo looovely. Wish I could do the same tapi since tak blh, tengok pun jadi la.

So, how do I go about if I am interested in them? I am so illiterate that I could not find your email address here.

Petals and Berries said...

Hi Hafiza!

Thank you! Comments like yours always make my day :o)

Don't worry, I'm not IT savvy myself but here I am with a blog! :o)(s l o w l y learning). You can contact me at petalsandberries@yahoo.com. Thanks again for visiting! (Hint: come back soon, I will be adding more :o))