Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aidilfitri Gift Boxes - Part 2: A Touch of Class

These fabulous boxes just arrived today and I just could not wait to get my hands on it and decorate! These imported boxes are very well made and is covered with fine Thai silk. This particular set is green in colour with red/pink accent (it also comes in a red set). I added cream and pink luscious roses (one of my favourites!) with lots of ribbons to add to the festivity. I took some night shots so you can see how the colours are reflected from different angles. Something to add to your collection if you love to collect boxes like me! (yes, I also sell my boxes individually without the cookies). Enjoy..

The smaller box (top) can accomodate about four (4) containers of assorted cookies and the larger box (bottom) can accomodate 4-8 containers depending on how you want it to be arranged. I can also decorate the boxes separately. Unfortunately, the photos just do not do it justice (or is it my lack of photography skills? sorry!). Price ranges from RM180-RM300. For details/photos of the cookies inside, please refer to my earlier entry below. These boxes just made my day! (I'll be keeping a set for myself! :o))

Petals & Berries

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