Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bath Gift Basket

Looking for the perfect gift? Soft fluffy towels, a brush, a bath puff and some sweet smelling soaps, all in a pretty basket. Ahhh... luxury. I wouldn't mind receiving one myself :o). What is it about pretty, sweet smelling bath items that makes you feel so pampered? Especially when it comes from a special someone :o). This pink and green (my favourite colour combination!) bath set was an order that was such a pleasure to make and I hope the recipient enjoys it just as much. May I present, Petals & Berries Bath Gift Basket :0) Yummy!:

And also, more orders for towel sets, this time, all packed and ready for gift giving..

Thanks for the orders and enjoy!

Petals & Berries

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rescue Mission : Hantaran for Engagement

Hellooo! I apologise for being missing from the blogging world for quite some time. I have been really busy at work for the past couple of months. I really miss crafting and I also miss sharing my crafts with you.

I only had time to complete a rescue job for a cousin's hantaran in the past few months that I went missing. Long story but you've probably heard about it all before. Someone you know is getting engaged, went to a "mak andam" who paints a beautiful picture and tells you the story of "the most beautiful hantaran in history" which he/she/he-she will design and produce for you, two (2) weeks prior to the big day the hantaran is delivered and *shock* horror* the soft mint green and off white you requested suddenly turned into the-grime-at-the-bottom-of-my-shower-stall green and cow "toot" yellow. Well that was what happened to my cousin, only that her request for dusky pink hantaran turned out to be, well, pink.. and burgundy.. and purple.. and dark red.. all. in. one. tray.. wow.. that's was all that I could say when I first saw it.. wow. (Disclaimer: I'm not at all generalising, it's just that this particular mak andam is beyond description)

So with just a couple of weekends left to start working on all seven trays of the hantaran from scratch, we went on a frantic search for all the stuff needed plus we were also on a tiiiiggght budget, as my cousin already paid out a chunk of her savings for the "rainbow brite theme" that this so called "mak andam" conjured up!

And these were how my last minute labour of love turned out (please be kind, I'm no expert):

I'm not saying that I'm really good at making hantarans (faaarrr from it, I just had to jump in and help my cousin out) but at least the colour turned out to be the colour requested by my cousin and if she's happy on her big day then I'm happy too! :o) Alhamdulillah..
Congratulations dear cousin, may this be the start of your wonderful journey..
Petals & Berries