Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bath Gift Basket

Looking for the perfect gift? Soft fluffy towels, a brush, a bath puff and some sweet smelling soaps, all in a pretty basket. Ahhh... luxury. I wouldn't mind receiving one myself :o). What is it about pretty, sweet smelling bath items that makes you feel so pampered? Especially when it comes from a special someone :o). This pink and green (my favourite colour combination!) bath set was an order that was such a pleasure to make and I hope the recipient enjoys it just as much. May I present, Petals & Berries Bath Gift Basket :0) Yummy!:

And also, more orders for towel sets, this time, all packed and ready for gift giving..

Thanks for the orders and enjoy!

Petals & Berries


maswanie said...

heloo...thanx for dropping by my blog...ur craft r soooo nice n beautiful...i love it !!
can i know how much this Petals & Berries Bath Gift Basket ?? ehehe

Petals and Berries said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting. The price depends on the quality of the flowers and the items in the gift basket. It's all up to your budget really but I usually start around RM120. If you start with beautiful flowers, it will make a wonderful basket! :o) Thanks for asking.

(Just in case you are interested and are wondering, if the timing is right, I can make arrangements for pick-ups of orders in KL, I have a sister there.)

Aidan's mama & papa said...

wah wahhh!! ada blog tak bagitau kita pon!! diam diam je! the bath set is so pretty! love the flowers!!