Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Little Man Turns 3!

Three years ago God blessed us with the most wonderful little baby boy. Our love for him overflowed from the moment he was flipped onto my tummy seconds after being born. I thought we could not love him more. And boy, was I wrong.. we love him more and more everyday. And he has turned out to be a charming, considerate, even-tempered little boy.

We decided to celebrate his birthday together as a family. Just us, enjoying the day together and having fun. We took him to the waterfalls.

Aiman really enjoyed himself,

collecting leaves and rocks..

spending time in the water with papa (I can spend the whole day watching my two boys having fun in the water!)..

having a quiet moment taking it all in..

Oh, and my little mermaid had lots of fun in the water too :o)..

Happy Birthday, Sayang Mama..

A thousand hearts are just too few to hold all the love I have for you..

May Allah keep you in his care always.. Amin.

Nighty night, sweet dreams, sleep tight (ssshhh.. he would probably disown ME when he's much older if he ever finds out I put him in a polka dotted pyjamas on his birthday, haha)..

Petals & Berries


dodiemohd said...

happy birthday Aiman :)

Han said...

Happy Birthday Aiman!! XXXOOO