Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Cupcakes

I love babies. Chubby cheeks, cute little hands and feet, wonderful smell, pretty curls.. I just love everything about them. And ever since I had my own, not only I'm in love with them, I also fell in love with making cute little things for them.

I found this delicious imported fabric whilst walking around in Singapore about a month ago. Since cupcakes are all the craze at the moment (and I do love them too! :o), I made my baby girl some baby items with the cupcakes printed fabric.

This is a refillable travel wipes case. You know, those wet wipes that are so useful when you have ever exploring little hands ? I use it to wipe everything (the germaphobic in me)! The pink ribbon going across will be used to personalise it (I plan to write her name on it with fabric paint).

This is how it looks when opened. It can be refilled with most brands of wipes (the folded ones).
I also made her some pretty little towels for her diaper bag. I usually use them to wipe her face after a long day out.

When going out, I carry a big diaper bag so both my children can share. I always had the problem of scrunched up diapers at the bottom of the bag and the ever elusive diaper cream. So I made a diaper case to put in the diapers, the wipes case and the diaper cream, all in one. No more rummaging through the diaper bag, problem solved!

When they no longer wear diapers, the case can be used to hold small activity books, crayons, pencils, anything to keep them occupied when on the road.

I hope you like them! I also made a set in butterfly prints and gave it to a friend with a newborn baby. I'll be posting a baby boy set too, so please come back soon.. :o)

Petals & Berries

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful Lace: Part 2

Whenever I have something beautiful to work with I always find that I would be feeling restless until I can set aside some time to work on it (which includes applying some desperate measures to get my babies to sleep early :o)). This particular project was quite a challenge as I'm such an amateur when it comes to sewing. Armed with my best friend, the "unpicking tool" and a bucket load of patience, I spent a whole evening making a pattern and working on the project.. and the result.. (drumroll please..)

..a light pink lingerie/cosmetic travel bag with a front flap and a ribbon closure.. delicious! Actually, it could be a multi-purpose carry-all.. many different uses only limited by your imagination!

I was very pleased with the result that I made another one in aqua! Talk about being carried away!

I'm now in a quandary, I want to create more things with the lace but it's so precious, I do not want to use it all up (I'm such a hoarder!).. ooh, what do I do?.. well, I think I'll let it rest for now, till next time..

Petals & Berries

Beautiful Lace

My mum went to Jakarta recently and brought these treasures home. Oodles and oodles of beautiful lace.

Surprisingly, they are not made in Indonesia, they are imported by export clothing manufacturers in Jakarta to be made into or added to womenswear i.e. lingerie, blouses etc. and these are the remnants/overstock that were sold off at a cheaper price. Lucky us! Some are swiss lace (it says so on the roll of cardboard they came in), and is ever so soft..

All sorts of craft ideas went running through my head and before anyone could say "lace!" I was already working on my first project (if only the same enthusiasm accompanies my ever pending household chores, I'd be a domestic goddess! hah!). I had earlier planned to make some cushion covers and figured what could be sweeter than adding some pretty lace to the rose fabric I already had. And the result..

.. a light pink cushion cover with tiny roses, edged with yummy lace..

.. and another one with some pink roses on a sweet baby blue background, again with lace trimming. Simple but yet so sweet.. Am I giving you cavities yet?? :o)

It's getting late and I'm off to bed. Wanna see what else I made with those beautiful lace? I'll post more pictures soon, so stay tuned! Nighty night everyone!

Petals & Berries

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aidilfitri Gift Boxes - Part 2: A Touch of Class

These fabulous boxes just arrived today and I just could not wait to get my hands on it and decorate! These imported boxes are very well made and is covered with fine Thai silk. This particular set is green in colour with red/pink accent (it also comes in a red set). I added cream and pink luscious roses (one of my favourites!) with lots of ribbons to add to the festivity. I took some night shots so you can see how the colours are reflected from different angles. Something to add to your collection if you love to collect boxes like me! (yes, I also sell my boxes individually without the cookies). Enjoy..

The smaller box (top) can accomodate about four (4) containers of assorted cookies and the larger box (bottom) can accomodate 4-8 containers depending on how you want it to be arranged. I can also decorate the boxes separately. Unfortunately, the photos just do not do it justice (or is it my lack of photography skills? sorry!). Price ranges from RM180-RM300. For details/photos of the cookies inside, please refer to my earlier entry below. These boxes just made my day! (I'll be keeping a set for myself! :o))

Petals & Berries

Aidilfitri Hampers and Gift Boxes

It's that time of the year again. Cookies and cakes everywhere you turn (food, glorious food). There has been requests for Hari Raya hampers and gifts boxes again this year. Alhamdulillah.. it's wonderful knowing people appreciate my handcrafting. The orders came in a bit late considering it's almost halfway through Ramadhan but hey.. I work better under pressure anyway :o) (ehem.. not always!) (pleassse darlings, mama need to work on these..). For your viewing pleasure, may I present, PETALS & BERRIES AIDILFITRI GIFTS:

This is a basket with a handle, wrapped in organza with assorted delicious cookies, in six (6) individual containers inside. Topped with a luscious bouquet of roses. Yummy! :o)

Round gift boxes, stacked in twos or threes. I used organza ribbons printed with scrolls to add a touch of fancy (my helper said it looked like a wedding cake!:o)). The three-tiered boxes can fit five (5) containers of assorted cookies and the two-tiered boxes can fit four (4).

Next, we have the tradisional weaved boxes for those who like to reminisce. These boxes can fit about four (4) different containers of assorted cookies.. I've added some sweet silk wildflowers to the bouquet..

I also have limited quantities of organza gift boxes which I have decorated with the same pretty pink/light pink roses and cream, gold and green ribbons.

And this is what the cookies look like inside (same with all the other baskets and boxes). All in individual containers, tied with beautiful ribbons and topped with some petite little hydrangeas/fruits. Delish, delish, delish...

If you're wondering why everything is in greens, pinks and creams, well, this particular customer has requested for it. I can make them in whatever colour requested but don't you agree that the above colours just exudes the spirit of Aidilfitri? :o) Sweet! If you would like to order some (for friends, relatives, clients or yourself!:o)), please e-mail me at petalsandberries@yahoo.com or leave a comment. Price ranges from RM80-RM280. I also do custom orders where the possibilities are endless! Keep the orders coming! :o)

Petals and Berries

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pretty Hand Towels

I just love the English style of decorating, especially romantic country style which speaks of classic charm and cozy comfort. It reminds me of quaint English cottages and their beautiful country gardens. How I wish the same flowers from those gardens would grow here.. I’d be in heaven!:o)

These are the first few hand towels that I made (think English Tea House :o)). Nothing fantastic but I’m quite pleased with it as I know nuts about sewing (I can only handle straight lines.. hehe) and it was made using my grandma’s trustworthy (read: ancient) fit- for-the-museum sewing machine. But.. I’m getting better (ehem.. yes, sayang, that thing that went flying over your head was the needle and no, it’s not supposed to do that :o))

All nicely tied up, ready for gift giving. I sold quite a few. A friend’s sister actually ordered fourteen (14) sets (hmmm.. I wonder what she uses it for :o)). Thank you for your support, I’m happy knowing that it’s appreciated.

Petals & Berries

Thursday, September 4, 2008


ALHAMDULILLAH. God grants me another Ramadhan. Ramadhan calls for inner-reflection, rethinking of meaning of life and ones place thereof. This Ramadhan I have a lot to be thankful for. My grandmother (the only grandparent I have left), an octogenarian, is still able to observe the fast (and still does a lot of cooking for us!). My parents are happy with their own activities. Mummy's making Aidilfitri hampers (yeah, the creative blood runs in the family ;o)) and Ayah's getting a steady flow of patients at his clinic as word of mouth travels (he lo00ves helping people). And they are both healthy albeit some minor aches and pains that comes with being in their golden years.. Alhamdulillah..

As for family life, well, I'm blessed with a husband who loves to cook and puts his skill to good use during Ramadhan (thank you, sayang!). My kids are healthy, beautiful (please do excuse a biased mama's view :o)) and happy. I get along well with my in-laws (they understand that this daughter-in-law doesn't cook much) [but I LOVE and appreciate your cooking, mak! hehe..]. Yes, indeed, I do have a lot to be thankful for.. Alhamdulillah..

I wish everyone Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, may you have a peaceful and blessed month.

"You who believe? Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you, so perchance you may attain God-consciousness." (Q 2:183)

Petals & Berries

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Petals & Berries

I started crafting about ten years ago. It all started when I was over at a cousin's place and saw her produce some sweet little scented sachets. It reminded of the craft fairs that I went to when I was studying in the United Kingdom. How I miss them. It brought back some lovely memories and I got to thinking "hey, I think I can make that.." .. and I've never stopped since. I've always loved pretty handmade things and will always look out for them, especially when I get the chance to travel.

Recently, I decorated a basket for a friend. She fell in love with it. I love roses, peonies, hydrangeas and berries and somehow they always make their way into whatever project that I'm working on.. hence the name.. Petals & Berries. For a girl who used to score Cs and Ds in art class during her school days, I'd say, not too bad.. what do you think? :o)
Petals & Berries

My First Step

After months & months of reading other people's blogs (mostly travel and craft blogs), I finally decided to join the blogging bandwagon.. I hope it will be as therapeutic and fun as they claim it to be :o) So here's the first step to my blogging journey.. bring it on!

Petals & Berries