Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitchen Towels

A couple of weeks back I received orders for good quality hand towels for the kitchen. They specifically requested for thick fluffy towels. I can understand their request. Those in the market are mostly small, pretty thin and comes apart in a couple of washings. It's true when they say the quality of the stuff sold now are never the same as in the olden days. I am happy to oblige to their request. The pleasure's all mine :o) When it comes to towels, the words "luxury" and "pampered" comes to my mind, so no skimping allowed! :o) Here comes..


fluffy and extra thick..

extra long and extra large..

kitchen towels.. your hands deserve it! :o)


Petals & Berries

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Little Man Turns 3!

Three years ago God blessed us with the most wonderful little baby boy. Our love for him overflowed from the moment he was flipped onto my tummy seconds after being born. I thought we could not love him more. And boy, was I wrong.. we love him more and more everyday. And he has turned out to be a charming, considerate, even-tempered little boy.

We decided to celebrate his birthday together as a family. Just us, enjoying the day together and having fun. We took him to the waterfalls.

Aiman really enjoyed himself,

collecting leaves and rocks..

spending time in the water with papa (I can spend the whole day watching my two boys having fun in the water!)..

having a quiet moment taking it all in..

Oh, and my little mermaid had lots of fun in the water too :o)..

Happy Birthday, Sayang Mama..

A thousand hearts are just too few to hold all the love I have for you..

May Allah keep you in his care always.. Amin.

Nighty night, sweet dreams, sleep tight (ssshhh.. he would probably disown ME when he's much older if he ever finds out I put him in a polka dotted pyjamas on his birthday, haha)..

Petals & Berries

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bath Gift Basket

Looking for the perfect gift? Soft fluffy towels, a brush, a bath puff and some sweet smelling soaps, all in a pretty basket. Ahhh... luxury. I wouldn't mind receiving one myself :o). What is it about pretty, sweet smelling bath items that makes you feel so pampered? Especially when it comes from a special someone :o). This pink and green (my favourite colour combination!) bath set was an order that was such a pleasure to make and I hope the recipient enjoys it just as much. May I present, Petals & Berries Bath Gift Basket :0) Yummy!:

And also, more orders for towel sets, this time, all packed and ready for gift giving..

Thanks for the orders and enjoy!

Petals & Berries

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rescue Mission : Hantaran for Engagement

Hellooo! I apologise for being missing from the blogging world for quite some time. I have been really busy at work for the past couple of months. I really miss crafting and I also miss sharing my crafts with you.

I only had time to complete a rescue job for a cousin's hantaran in the past few months that I went missing. Long story but you've probably heard about it all before. Someone you know is getting engaged, went to a "mak andam" who paints a beautiful picture and tells you the story of "the most beautiful hantaran in history" which he/she/he-she will design and produce for you, two (2) weeks prior to the big day the hantaran is delivered and *shock* horror* the soft mint green and off white you requested suddenly turned into the-grime-at-the-bottom-of-my-shower-stall green and cow "toot" yellow. Well that was what happened to my cousin, only that her request for dusky pink hantaran turned out to be, well, pink.. and burgundy.. and purple.. and dark red.. all. in. one. tray.. wow.. that's was all that I could say when I first saw it.. wow. (Disclaimer: I'm not at all generalising, it's just that this particular mak andam is beyond description)

So with just a couple of weekends left to start working on all seven trays of the hantaran from scratch, we went on a frantic search for all the stuff needed plus we were also on a tiiiiggght budget, as my cousin already paid out a chunk of her savings for the "rainbow brite theme" that this so called "mak andam" conjured up!

And these were how my last minute labour of love turned out (please be kind, I'm no expert):

I'm not saying that I'm really good at making hantarans (faaarrr from it, I just had to jump in and help my cousin out) but at least the colour turned out to be the colour requested by my cousin and if she's happy on her big day then I'm happy too! :o) Alhamdulillah..
Congratulations dear cousin, may this be the start of your wonderful journey..
Petals & Berries

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twigs and Feathers

Hello! I know, I know.. I've not been writing for quite some time. I have an excuse :o) and a good one too! :o) Don't believe me? Click here to take a look at what I've been up to! Don't worry, I'll still be crafting but I'm just a bit distracted at the moment! :o) Have a lovely weekend!

Petals & Berries

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basket: All that Glitters..

I've been wanting to post these photos for quite a while but have never gotten round to it until today. I used to make a lot of wedding items for friends and relatives, i.e. flower girl hair accessories, flower girl baskets, favours for the main table, favour baskets, 'hantaran' (wedding gifts), etc. I love weddings (a true romantic!hehe..) and crafting for them is just so fun!

This basket is an exact replica of another basket that I made for a wedding with a dusky pink theme. I loved the colour so much and how it all came together that I decided to make one for myself! :o)
The combination of glittery roses and hydrangeas are just so pretty.. I also found embroidered ribbon and tassel in the same colour for the handle.. perfect!

Satin and organza ruffles and ribbons.. what else could you ask for? Ohhh.. let me see, I also made this 'bunga pahar' to match.. just light touches of dusky pink in the hydrangeas and ribbons.. sweet!

Do you like it? I miss making all these fancy shmancy wedding stuff but sometimes my limited time for crafting just does not allow it :o( . Oh well, priorities, priorities.. such is life! :o)

Petals & Berries

More Fluffy Towels

As promised, here are the other orders that I've completed. One is in green..

.. and the other one is in peach..

..all tied up and ready to go!

I also earlier received an order for a cupcakes pink bath towel for a sweet little baby girl and a cupcakes baby wipes case to go with it (these are the photos that just would NOT load earlier!).

Although I have more orders coming in, I'm so glad that I've completed most of the orders that were pending. My sincere apologies for the delay. I'm happy when my customers are happy! Thank you and enjoy!

Petals & Berries

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Fluffy Towels

It's been quite some time, huh? Where did January go?? Already more than half the month has gone by. Our whole family, my husband, both my kids and I (even my helper!) were down with a bad cold and cough, one after another. Baaaaddd bug. No one was spared. But, Alhamdulillah, we have all recovered and the kids are bouncing of the walls again :o) (did they ever stop? naahhh, just slowed down a tiny bit..). Enough about us, back to crafting :o).

Quite a few orders for towels came in this month, amongst others. This time around the requests came in for sets which contains a bath towel, a hand towel and a face towel. I love fluffy towels that feels good to the touch so rest assured that only those kind of towels were used to fulfil the orders.

I was told this pink set is going out as a birthday present for a good friend..

All nicely tied up and ready to be delivered. To the recipient, Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the gift as much as I enjoyed making them!

Another order is for a purple set. Somehow the pictures came out more blue than purple, I wonder why.. the lighting perhaps?

Just needs to be tied up and it would be ready to go. Wouldn't these towels look beautiful hanging in your bathroom? or laid out on the bed in your guest room? :o)

And lastly, this towel set in baby pink are for a sweet little girl.. (aaaaarrrrrggghhhh.. blogger is up to its nasty tricks again! I've tried uploading the photos 2,451 times tonight and it failed, failed, failed! Next time perhaps, as it's getting really late and I need to get to bed soon :o))

And before I forget (sorry for the delay), the highest bidder of the Spice Jars is Miss M, a friend I got to know through my blog. I respect her request to not reveal her name and the winning bid as she intends to give it as a present to her aunt (how sweet!). Anyway, thank you!

I have more orders that I'm currently working on so please stay tuned! Nighty night..

Petals & Berries

Friday, January 2, 2009

Spice Jars

Guess what I also found at the same place where I found the earlier porcelain jars? These really pretty mini jars that would be perfect to put your spices in (unfortunately, these were not on clearance :o( ). Asian spices rarely come in nice pretty bottles unlike their western counterpart so these would be perfect to fill in those cumin, cardamoms, star anise, cloves, cinnamon stick, etc.

And me being me, plain white jars just will not do! :o) So out came the decals again. And the result..

See those tiny roses right on top? It took a whole lot of patience to apply those as it's a curved surface and took quite a bit of strategic cuts to make it look presentable. And it doesn't help when you have a toddler hanging on to your legs asking "whatchoo doin, mama?" every two seconds whilst you are applying them :o) (patience, patience).

Don't they look much better now?

Now that I have a complete set, it made a happy start to the new year :o) (aren't I easy to please? hehe) . I've been asked by quite a few colleagues and friends on whether I'm willing to sell these. Unfortunately, I'm running out of decals (and those came all the way from the US). However, with what I have left I can just about make one other set of 5 spice jars to sell. Each jar measures 2 inches in diameter and is about 4 inches high. To be fair, this is what I'll do: E-mail me at, state your offer (don't forget to leave your name and contact deatils!), price starts at RM29.90 for a set of 5 jars (trust me, this is below cost price :o)) [excluding postage] and the highest offer wins! And since I have a grand total of maybe.. ehem.. 2 readers of my blog, you would have a very good chance :o). Offers close on midnight, 9 January 2009 and the winner will be announced on 10 January 2009. Oh yes, I'll be adding a little rose porcelain spoon to the set as a bonus!

Salam Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year

from my family to yours!

May this year bring peace, happiness and good health.


Petals & Berries