Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitchen Towels

A couple of weeks back I received orders for good quality hand towels for the kitchen. They specifically requested for thick fluffy towels. I can understand their request. Those in the market are mostly small, pretty thin and comes apart in a couple of washings. It's true when they say the quality of the stuff sold now are never the same as in the olden days. I am happy to oblige to their request. The pleasure's all mine :o) When it comes to towels, the words "luxury" and "pampered" comes to my mind, so no skimping allowed! :o) Here comes..


fluffy and extra thick..

extra long and extra large..

kitchen towels.. your hands deserve it! :o)


Petals & Berries


ReensPorchSale said...

I love the way you put it together...How much is it?

And how do I buy your product?:)

Petals and Berries said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. The price starts at RM28, depending on colour and quality.

You can e-mail me at and tell me what you want and we can make arrangements on how to get the items to you. No problem!