Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Napkins for Sale

(Ordered direct from Germany)
RM3 per piece


5 pieces available

Sold out!

2 pieces available

5 pieces available

Sold out!
Sold out!

3 pieces available

sold out!

3 pieces available

To purchase, please sms me at 019-7540000 and I will confirm whether the item you want is still available, the postage rate and will give you the account details for payment.
Happy shopping! Thanks.

Petals & Berries

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mama's Rolling Pin

I should tell you about the acrylic paints that I use. It's none of those fancy brands, that's for sure. That's because I have never had the chance to go for proper classes so I figured I better not waste on expensive paints and just went for some unnamed brand. The colours are pretty funny though (or mind boggling, rather!), cause "burnt umber" is really dark brown and "vermillion" looks orange.. you get what I mean.. so it is pretty challenging to mix them up to get exactly the colours I have in mind.
You can imagine how ecstatic I was when, whilst mixing cluelessly, this sweet green came up to coordinate perfectly with the colours on the napkin I intended to use :o).

My mum better keep her eyes on her rolling pin or it might get decoupaged! heee..

By the way, I have some pretty napkins which I have purchased in a pack for my projects, so I have some extras, I'll be putting them up for sale so if you're interested, please check back soon ! :o)

Petals & Berries

Berries on Trivet

I found some wooden trivets being sold pretty cheap. Just what I needed to make some "trial-and-error" projects. Was hoping to skip the "error" part, but hey, no gain without pain :o). I painted the trivet white at first and decoupaged some pink roses on it. Apparently the paint was not fully dry yet (found that out the hard way!), and I accidently tore the napkin whilst applying the modge podge :o( So.. back to square one..

I then cleaned everything up and repainted the trivet a very soft pink and liked it much better. Added some berries, did not want to write anything on it but thought it needed something else. So I added the ribbon and daisies for a country feel.. :o)

Now where shall I hang it? :o)

Petals & Berries

Monday, March 29, 2010

English Garden - Baskets and Wreaths for Sale - SOLD OUT!

A big THANK YOU to my lovely customers :o)

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

English Garden - Baskets and Wreath For Sale

It has been raining the whole day. The plan was to take the kids to the zoo but since the weather is not permitting, it's a perfect opportunity for me to finish up on my craftwork while the kids nap. Some friends have requested to purchase these items but since I made extras, I thought I'd put it up for sale here, if anyone is interested.

First up is a floral wreath,

Flowers you would find in an English garden in springtime.. roses, rananculus, hydrangeas, hyacinth.. with pink and green ribbons..
on a light background.. and a dark background below..
size: approximately10 inch/25.5cm in diameter

Next is a covered basket decorated with the same yummy roses, hydrangeas, etc., and I also used some cream, pink and green ribbons to wrap around the base..

Sweet and pleasant.. :o) can be used to store a lot of different things.. maybe cutleries or napkins, if you do a lot of entertaining...

size: approximately 12 inches/30cm in diameter,
5 inches/12.5cm in height
And lastly, a matching little basket..
..would be perfect for a garden wedding, carried by a cute little flowergirl.. or just to store your little trinkets.. wait.. do you really need a reason for something this cute?? :o)
size: approximately 8.5 inches/20.5cm in diameter,
3 inches/7.5cm in height (without handle),
10 inches/25.5cm (with handle)
By the way, I only have ONE of each, so if you would like any of them, better get your phone now and sms me at 019-7540000..
Happy shopping!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Boy Gift Basket

A friend requested for me to make a gift basket for another friend's newborn baby boy. I was glad to help cause I love putting together gift baskets. Especially for babies, sweet and precious :o).
My friend left it all up to me and just gave a budget to stick to. I love it when they give me all the freedom to decide :o). I decided on the traditional "all blue" with a transportation theme.
See in the above picture: a soft fleece blanket embroidered with a car, my handmade wet wipes case and my handmade face towels all with trucks, excavators and tractors on it! Funnnn!

On the right are a set of onesies/rompers with cars on them. Look at those tiny socks! The white one even has a car printed anti-slip sole on it :o) hehe..

Wrapped it all up with blue and white organza material and some really sweet ribbons..

.. and hung a pair of tiny lace-up shoes as a final touch!

If you look real close, there's an airplane printed on the side of each shoe to complete the theme :o) Bliss!!!
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