Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Boy Gift Basket

A friend requested for me to make a gift basket for another friend's newborn baby boy. I was glad to help cause I love putting together gift baskets. Especially for babies, sweet and precious :o).
My friend left it all up to me and just gave a budget to stick to. I love it when they give me all the freedom to decide :o). I decided on the traditional "all blue" with a transportation theme.
See in the above picture: a soft fleece blanket embroidered with a car, my handmade wet wipes case and my handmade face towels all with trucks, excavators and tractors on it! Funnnn!

On the right are a set of onesies/rompers with cars on them. Look at those tiny socks! The white one even has a car printed anti-slip sole on it :o) hehe..

Wrapped it all up with blue and white organza material and some really sweet ribbons..

.. and hung a pair of tiny lace-up shoes as a final touch!

If you look real close, there's an airplane printed on the side of each shoe to complete the theme :o) Bliss!!!
Petals & Berries


Nurul Akhmar said...

i tgh stress so i browse sekejap do you get all those pweety transportation fabrics? do share.

Petals and Berries said...

Imported from Australia, bought at Spotlight Singapore. They have beautiful fabrics for kids :o) Have you seen my mama chair?

Nurul Akhmar said...

i "benci" your mama chair!ngeh..ngeh.. it fit nicely! macam the chairs are singing "this is where i belong"...if there is such a song lah...:) cantik sgt. i shall drag my heavy bottom to spotlight singapore yea...