Saturday, March 20, 2010

English Garden - Baskets and Wreath For Sale

It has been raining the whole day. The plan was to take the kids to the zoo but since the weather is not permitting, it's a perfect opportunity for me to finish up on my craftwork while the kids nap. Some friends have requested to purchase these items but since I made extras, I thought I'd put it up for sale here, if anyone is interested.

First up is a floral wreath,

Flowers you would find in an English garden in springtime.. roses, rananculus, hydrangeas, hyacinth.. with pink and green ribbons..
on a light background.. and a dark background below..
size: approximately10 inch/25.5cm in diameter

Next is a covered basket decorated with the same yummy roses, hydrangeas, etc., and I also used some cream, pink and green ribbons to wrap around the base..

Sweet and pleasant.. :o) can be used to store a lot of different things.. maybe cutleries or napkins, if you do a lot of entertaining...

size: approximately 12 inches/30cm in diameter,
5 inches/12.5cm in height
And lastly, a matching little basket..
..would be perfect for a garden wedding, carried by a cute little flowergirl.. or just to store your little trinkets.. wait.. do you really need a reason for something this cute?? :o)
size: approximately 8.5 inches/20.5cm in diameter,
3 inches/7.5cm in height (without handle),
10 inches/25.5cm (with handle)
By the way, I only have ONE of each, so if you would like any of them, better get your phone now and sms me at 019-7540000..
Happy shopping!
Petals & Berries

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