Sunday, April 4, 2010

Berries on Trivet

I found some wooden trivets being sold pretty cheap. Just what I needed to make some "trial-and-error" projects. Was hoping to skip the "error" part, but hey, no gain without pain :o). I painted the trivet white at first and decoupaged some pink roses on it. Apparently the paint was not fully dry yet (found that out the hard way!), and I accidently tore the napkin whilst applying the modge podge :o( So.. back to square one..

I then cleaned everything up and repainted the trivet a very soft pink and liked it much better. Added some berries, did not want to write anything on it but thought it needed something else. So I added the ribbon and daisies for a country feel.. :o)

Now where shall I hang it? :o)

Petals & Berries

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