Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Fluffy Towels

It's been quite some time, huh? Where did January go?? Already more than half the month has gone by. Our whole family, my husband, both my kids and I (even my helper!) were down with a bad cold and cough, one after another. Baaaaddd bug. No one was spared. But, Alhamdulillah, we have all recovered and the kids are bouncing of the walls again :o) (did they ever stop? naahhh, just slowed down a tiny bit..). Enough about us, back to crafting :o).

Quite a few orders for towels came in this month, amongst others. This time around the requests came in for sets which contains a bath towel, a hand towel and a face towel. I love fluffy towels that feels good to the touch so rest assured that only those kind of towels were used to fulfil the orders.

I was told this pink set is going out as a birthday present for a good friend..

All nicely tied up and ready to be delivered. To the recipient, Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the gift as much as I enjoyed making them!

Another order is for a purple set. Somehow the pictures came out more blue than purple, I wonder why.. the lighting perhaps?

Just needs to be tied up and it would be ready to go. Wouldn't these towels look beautiful hanging in your bathroom? or laid out on the bed in your guest room? :o)

And lastly, this towel set in baby pink are for a sweet little girl.. (aaaaarrrrrggghhhh.. blogger is up to its nasty tricks again! I've tried uploading the photos 2,451 times tonight and it failed, failed, failed! Next time perhaps, as it's getting really late and I need to get to bed soon :o))

And before I forget (sorry for the delay), the highest bidder of the Spice Jars is Miss M, a friend I got to know through my blog. I respect her request to not reveal her name and the winning bid as she intends to give it as a present to her aunt (how sweet!). Anyway, thank you!

I have more orders that I'm currently working on so please stay tuned! Nighty night..

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