Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pretty Hand Towels

I just love the English style of decorating, especially romantic country style which speaks of classic charm and cozy comfort. It reminds me of quaint English cottages and their beautiful country gardens. How I wish the same flowers from those gardens would grow here.. I’d be in heaven!:o)

These are the first few hand towels that I made (think English Tea House :o)). Nothing fantastic but I’m quite pleased with it as I know nuts about sewing (I can only handle straight lines.. hehe) and it was made using my grandma’s trustworthy (read: ancient) fit- for-the-museum sewing machine. But.. I’m getting better (ehem.. yes, sayang, that thing that went flying over your head was the needle and no, it’s not supposed to do that :o))

All nicely tied up, ready for gift giving. I sold quite a few. A friend’s sister actually ordered fourteen (14) sets (hmmm.. I wonder what she uses it for :o)). Thank you for your support, I’m happy knowing that it’s appreciated.

Petals & Berries

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