Saturday, October 18, 2008

Amira's First Birthday

When your sweet little baby turns one, it's a myriad of feelings.. for me, mostly it's bittersweet. Happy that she's growing up beautifully, but sad that it's all going too fast.. waaayyy too fast. I could have sworn that I just turned away for a few seconds and my pink wrinkly newborn has turned into a sweet babbling toddler.. this despite me telling her "Adik, please don't grow too fast, mama's gonna miss your baby smell..".There are days when I would just close my eyes, bury my nose in her curly hair and take a deep, deep breath, wishing I could memorize the smell forever.. sighhh..

Well, the Strawberry Shortcake Party turned out to be a lot of fun. I was very happy with how all the decor came together and surprise, surprise, most of the guests came dressed up in the theme colours (thanks for being such a good sport!).

The birthday banner..
.. part of the decor.. balloons, balloons and more balloons!

.. a special placecard for the birthday girl!

what's a birthday without a birthday cake.. or two :o) (thank you to the sponsors :o))

.. and here is the sweetest, most beautiful birthday girl on earth (hehe.. please excuse this biased mama again :o)) wearing her strawberry shortcake hairbow..

It was such a pleasure to be able to celebrate her birthday with our family and close friends. Thank you to everyone who made time to join us and brought all sorts of lovely presents, it's very much appreciated. Amira may not remember much (I think Abang Aiman enjoyed it more!:o)) but I'm sure she felt really special and could sense all the love surrounding her..

Today we celebrate her first birthday.. this sweet little girl of ours.. please join us in our prayers for her, for Allah to grant her a healthy, happy and fulfilling life always in His faith.. Amin..

Petals & Berries


Irma said...

I nak goodie bag! Strawberry shortcake!!! :D

Petals and Berries said...

Ma, I still have a couple left and I believe one of them has your name on it :o) Come and GET IITTTT! :oP

irma said...

OK. We ARE meeting ok this weekend... dont forget to bring it hehehehehe