Friday, November 7, 2008

Lovely Cards

It's been a while since my last post.. it feels really good to be back! Hey, I actually miss Blogville :o). Hmm.. I was even having withdrawal symptoms. Am I addicted? Anyone has the toll free number for Blogsaholic Anonymous??? :o) heh..

Well, I have always been asked where I find all the pretty materials that I use for my craft projects, home decorating items, etc. Well, honestly, I always have something craft related going on in my head. 24/7. Seriously. Whenever I'm awake that is :o) (well, I even have craft dreams sometimes!). Whenever I'm out shopping, running errands, etc. I always keep a lookout for simple everyday items that has the potential to be made into something nice and pretty. And I loooove getting a good bargain on top of that (well, who doesn't?). Actually treasures are everywhere, you just have to keep a look out for it. And It's such a thrill when you find it!

It happened just last night, my husband and I went for our usual weekly grocery shopping at one of the hypermarkets and guess what I found? These beautiful cards:

The printed paper (some had pretty scrolls on them) is of a very good quality and the embellishments are all handmade.. some even had beads and charms on them..

.. this one is for a new baby..

.. and this is for a wedding..

..this pink birthday card even comes with a butterfly charm.. how sweet is that? :o)

If you need them a bit fancier (is there such a word?), just add some lace trimmings or buttons or beads or ribbons.. the possibilities are endless!

So what's so fantastic I hear you say? Well, it was in the clearance section and they were selling it for.. get this.. 99sen each! Forget the embellishments, I cannot even get a piece of decent printed cardstock at that price at the local stationers. And what is the price for a good quality greeting card nowadays? Between RM7-RM12 I believe. A treasure found at a good price. It made my day! :o)

Now, can someone please get married or have a baby so I get to use these?? :o)

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