Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kitchen Craft

Let me let you in to a little secret of mine. I have always had this dream of having a beautiful English Country kitchen :o) with roses everywhere :o) but... it has yet to become a reality.. sometime in the near future I hope (hint,hint, sayang..). InsyaAllah.

Meanwhile, I will just have to make do with creating all the stuff needed to create that dream kitchen of mine :o) and what kitchen would be complete without a potholder..

.. a matching kitchen towel..

and a matching floor mat (the one to the right)..

I made all these with the beautiful Durham roses fabric I found on the internet. Isn't it just the sweetest? It's a pinky peach shade in real life and looks so yummilicious with the cabbage roses on it! Hope you like them.

I'm off to put my babies down for a nap, maybe I too can catch some snoozies and continue dreaming about my kitchen.. see you there.. don't forget the scones, dahhrrlinggg..

Petals & Berries


zuraida said...

Cantik! Cantik! Cantik!
Tak lama lagi sure your dream comes true, insyallah. Bila nak pindah rumah ni? Tak sabar nak pergi. hehehehehe

Petals and Berries said...

Thank you very much ,zu :o) InsyaAllah, dah siap nanti for sure I will invite you :o) Sementara tu, tlg sama2 doakan everything goes smoothly eh :o) Thanks again!