Friday, October 17, 2008

Goodie Bags

I really have not been crafting much lately as this has been a busy busy month for me. First it was all the festivities, and then the hospital episode and then since my baby girl, Amira’s first birthday fell during Ramadhan, we decided to postpone the celebration and have a small party, only family and close friends, during this raya month.

With me, parties are serious business (little miss perfectionist!) :o), I loooove planning them. And kids' parties are so fun, fun, fun! From the theme to the d├ęcor to the food to the goodie bags to the party games and prizes.. I love preparing for it all.. especially the goodie bags.. it gives me such pleasure being able to shop around for the cute little stuff to be put into the goodie bags and seeing the look of excitement on the little kids' faces when they receive them.

This time around we have decided on a Strawberry Shortcake Theme for my girl (or is it for mama? :o) well, I AM from the first generation Strawberry Shortcake era!). And this is a sneak peak at the stuff going into the goodie bag :o)..

The theme colours are pink, red and green and the flavour is strawberry of course, so I've done my best to stick to that. There are strawberry jellies, strawberry flavoured chocolates, red ladybug chocolates and egg shaped chocolates in the theme colours..

There are also cute strawberry shortcake pencils that I found in Singapore (that's part of the advantage of living down south :o)) and some party blowouts too..

I've also added some strawberry cream biscuits.. yummy!
And these are the bags all those yummilicious stuff are going into.. I personalised it with a Strawberry Shortcake sticker with my daughter's name on it.. (see, I told you it's serious business :o) hehe)

The goodie bags are all packed and ready to be given away.. Oh, wait! How could we forget.. a little something for the parents too..

Some relaxing and calming strawberry flavoured tea to sip after all the running around at the party :o)..

Petals & Berries


Han said...

I love Strawberry Shortcake too! Last time in Singapore I remember that you can already smell sweet strawberries as you enter the floor dedicated to Strawberry Shortcake stuff...I wish I kept all my stuff back would have been vintage now! Great party and the strawberry & cream cookies were yumo!

Petals and Berries said...

Exactly what I was thinking.. could have made quite a fortune with what I had back then :o) Thank you, Han, for making the time to join us and I'm glad the cookies pleased your tastebuds!

Irma said...

Me too. I love SS! I go to (my serious law) classes with my SS pencilbag... hehe so tak malu. And I carry a SS notebook in my handbag. OK dont tell anyone.

Petals and Berries said...

hehe.. I scurried away a couple of pencils meant for the goodie bags for myself (ehem.. and some stickers too *embarrassed*) ;o) I won't tell if you won't.. :o)