Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 : Sequel

I never thought I'd be posting a sequel to my Aidilfitri post. On the morning of the 9th day of Syawal, whilst I was in the office, I got a phone call from home saying that my son's foot got hurt by some broken glass from a glass tabletop that fell off its stand (the type of phone call that would make any mom cringe). Not knowing his true condition, I practically flew out of the office to meet my husband who was already on the way to the clinic with my son. The scene at the clinic when I arrived (which keeps replaying itself in my head until now) caught me totally unprepared. I shall spare you the gory details but what I saw made me feel faint (and that is from someone who has a pretty strong stomach!). The doctor on duty at the clinic said he didn't have the proper equipment to treat him i.e. no x-ray facility, probability that his tendon has been severed (yes, it was that bad), so he referred us to the specialist hospital. Long story short, my son had to be anaesthetised (the surgeon didn't want him to be traumatised by the whole stitching ordeal), which required a trip to the OT and yes, the surgeon found the tendon connected to his second toe severed and repaired it and we had a one night stay in the hospital. Alhamdulillah, everything went pretty smoothly.

No, I will not smile for the camera, mama (cheeky face! :o))!

This is the cheeky little boy, who despite all that he has been through, did not cry much (my little man), gleefully entertained the nurses on his ward with his endless chattering, and still had a smile for everyone.


A whopping RM2700 later (thank god for insurance), my son was discharged. Whenever anyone points to his foot and ask him "What is this, Aiman?" He will smile and say "Socks!". Well that must be the most expensive socks anyone has ever owned!

Here's to hoping (and praying hard) that the rest of Syawal passes by uneventfully!

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