Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple & Sweet Aprons

This is a very simple project and perfect for someone pressed for time (that would be me!). You only need some tea towels, plain or patterned, depends on what you prefer. I found some pretty ones on sale..

this one has a couple of embroidered cakes on cake-stands..

and these are just plain/striped ones.. bought it cause I love the colour..

Next, we need some pretty ribbons to match the colours/patterns on the tea-towels.

Flowers, cupcakes, polka-dots, stripes.. whatever you may fancy..

Cut it to fit.. depends whether you prefer it long or short. Then, sew on a length of ribbon at the top (to tie around the waist) and use some to decorate the apron too if you like..

And the result..

For the pink and brown cakes tea-towel, I chose a brown with pink polka-dot ribbon..

I used some cupcakes printed ribbon for this one and I also used some felt cupcakes from this project and sewed it on (I should thank my cousin for agreeing to pose for the photos :o)).

This last one, instead of cutting it down to size, I folded it up and sewed three front pockets. This would be perfect to carry your tools for crafting/gardening/cleaning, etc.
Simple and sweet, isn't it? (and useful too!)

You just need to fold it up, put in a pretty gift bag and it would be ready for gift giving. A handmade gift from the heart!
Petals & Berries

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