Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scented Pillows

What is it about pillows, whether big or small, round or square, that makes you feel all cozy and nice just looking at them? Because it's fluffy perhaps? or soft to the touch? Beats me! All I know is that I love them! I love them on my sofa, on my bed, scattered on the floor, everywhere! And what more if they are scented? Heaven!

An order came in for these from an office-mate. Colours were not specified. Which helps give me the freedom to craft and create. Sometimes I get "crafter's block" (ehem.. equivalent to a writer's block?) when I'm requested to create something using colours that I find difficulty working with, like deep purple or grey or corporate blue.. I'm a pastel-colours girl when it comes to crafting! Left up to me, there will always be baby pink and mint green somewhere.. oh and did I mention roses??
I added some rose scented oil to it before tying them up in pairs with a matching ribbon. Can you smell it? It smells soooo sweet :o) and to top it off, I added some pink and cream baby roses to the ribbon! Voila! Sweetness to the point of having cavities! hah :o)

Thank you for the orders. It was a pleasure making them. Enjoy!

Petals & Berries

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